Madiha Tubman’s “Survived and Thriving” is an inspirational self-help story about a woman’s journey through war, heartbreak, and financial triumph.

NEW YORK, NY, August 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — A gripping tale of resilience, love, and unwavering determination emerges from the pages of “Survived and Thriving: One Woman’s Journey Through War, Heartbreak, and Financial Triumph,” a compelling self-help and inspirational book by Madiha Tubman. This extraordinary book takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as they delve into the remarkable life story of a woman who endured the horrors of war, faced heartbreak, and ultimately triumphed over adversity.

The narrative begins with a tender love story, where two college students in the United States find themselves falling deeply in love. Madiha Tubman, the author, and her husband decided to embark on a new chapter of their lives by moving to his native country, Liberia. Their love was a beacon of hope, promising a bright future filled with happiness and dreams come true. However, their lives took an unexpected turn when civil war shattered their idyllic existence.

Through vivid and harrowing descriptions, Madiha Tubman recounts the unimaginable horrors she witnessed during the outbreak of war in Liberia. The chilling odor of death filled the air, and the sounds of innocent lives being extinguished haunted her every waking moment. In the midst of this chaos, Madiha and her husband made a solemn vow to protect themselves and their young son from the ravages of conflict.

One fateful day, faced with the threat of execution, Madiha and her family stood on the precipice of life and death. In a breathtaking twist of fate, their young son’s innocent plea to relieve himself ultimately became their salvation. With suspense and tension building, the book takes readers on a heart-pounding journey as they wait, not knowing what fate has in store for them.

As the story unfolds, Madiha Tubman reveals the indomitable spirit that kept her and her loved ones going during the darkest of times. She shares the incredible bond that formed among six families, including her own, who sought solace and strength within the confines of their one-family home. Their shared experiences and unwavering faith in a higher power became a beacon of hope amidst the perpetual shadow of terror.

“Survived and Thriving” is a testament to the power of compassion and community, as Madiha Tubman opens her doors to those in need, sharing the little resources they have and creating a tight-knit support system. Their makeshift family becomes a source of inspiration and resilience, reminding readers that even in the face of unimaginable adversity, love and hope can prevail.

Throughout the book, Madiha Tubman also highlights her commitment to giving back to the community, even in the midst of chaos. She and her ex-husband supported youth soccer clubs, providing them with essential gear and clothing. Tragically, some of the young boys they helped became child soldiers, a heartbreaking consequence of the war. However, their kindness was not forgotten, as these same young men later reciprocated their generosity, reminding us of the enduring impact of compassion.

The book vividly portrays the day-to-day struggles of survival during wartime, where even basic necessities like food and clean water were scarce. Madiha Tubman’s resourcefulness and resilience shine through as she finds ways to supplement their meager diet and purify contaminated water, embodying the indomitable human spirit.

“Survived and Thriving: One Woman’s Journey Through War, Heartbreak, and Financial Triumph” is an empowering story that demonstrates the strength of the human spirit when faced with unimaginable challenges. Madiha Tubman’s work serves as a testament to the enduring power of hope, love, and community, reminding readers that even in the darkest of times, one can find the strength to survive, thrive, and triumph.

“Survived and Thriving: One Woman’s Journey Through War, Heartbreak, and Financial Triumph” by Madiha Tubman will be available at leading bookstores and online retailers in the month of August. Stay tuned..!!

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