A. Thomas Kozubal’s audiobook, “Real Revival,” offers insights into Scripture’s timeless truths on Spiritual Revival, drawing from his global experience and practical Christianity perspectives.

HOUSTON, TX, August 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — A. Thomas Kozubal’s book, “Real Revival,” is now available as an audiobook, providing listeners with an opportunity to dive deeper into the timeless truths of Scripture regarding Spiritual Revival. Kozubal, a Born-Again Christian and retired U.S. Military Officer, draws from his extensive experience in working with people from around the world to offer a unique perspective on practical matters related to Christianity.

In “Real Revival,” Kozubal addresses the pressing need for Spiritual Revival in the Body of Christ today and reaffirms what Spiritual Revival is according to Scripture. The book also identifies eternal truths that historically have, and will never fail, to bring revival to pass.

Kozubal’s approach to writing the book sets it apart from others on the same topic. He did not reference other works on Spiritual Revival in the book, with the exception of Scripture. He explains that he did this for a couple of reasons. First, he believes that the Scripture itself is its own best commentary. Second, he wrote about Spiritual Revival from a Scriptural perspective rather than a historic, social, or religious perspective.

Kozubal’s goal is to simply affirm and explain what God has already stated within the pages of Scripture concerning Spiritual Revival. He cites scores of Scripture references throughout the text, inviting listeners to study them in their context and investigate them to increase their understanding of the principles he presents.

“Real Revival” is not a book that intends to leave the reader unchanged. Kozubal writes with the express intent of bringing the listener to the point of decision concerning their walk with Jesus Christ.

The audiobook version of “Real Revival” is an excellent resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Spiritual Revival and incorporate its principles into their daily lives. The book is available on popular audiobook platforms, and Kozubal’s unique perspective and insights are sure to make it a valuable addition to any listener’s library.

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