Up From Ashes tells a story of trials and triumph for Lardell Spratt

DETROIT, MI, August 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Lardell L. Spratt never allowed his circumstances to decide his fate. From street life to prison, Spratt vulnerably details it all in his book Up From Ashes.

The son of a single mother, Spratt experienced abuse at an early age at the hands of his mother. The abuse and lack of nurturing drove Spratt to life in the streets, ultimately resulting in a prison sentence of over 25 years. In this tear-jerking memoir, Spratt explains how he survived the prison system, managed his mental health, and planned to be present in his son’s life even behind bars.

“I decided to write this book because, like most trauma victims, I chose the easiest way to deal with my past and buried it but the ugliness manifested itself as anger, bitterness, and self-loathing,” Spratt said. “Somehow I knew that by penning my story I’d find solace and the capacity to forgive.”

Up From Ashes displays how Spratt overcame his generational curses and trauma, and found God and the love of his life. After nearly two decades behind bars, Spratt is using his story to inspire others to choose hope. Spratt is now a licensed Social Service Technician, a Certified Peer Support Specialist, and a licensed Master Life Coach. Affectionately known as Coach Dell, Spratt hopes to help families break generational curses as well.

“I would like for readers to know overcoming both addiction and trauma is possible and the necessity of parents, especially single mothers raising sons, to nurture their child(ren),” he said. “Make sure the home is peaceful and conducive for the mind, body, and soul of the child(ren). Don’t bring your adult traumas into the parent/child relationship.”

Up From Ashes is available for purchase at upfromashes.biz for $20

Lardell L. Spratt is a native Detroiter, a community activist and a proud member of Detroit 300, a group committed to ensuring the safety of women, seniors and children. With several years of experience in the social services field, Spratt has served the dual diagnosed population as well as the long and short term homeless population and those with mental illnesses. He has also had the opportunity to work with at-risk youth in Highland Park, MI. Spratt is a spiritual man and a proud husband, father, brother, grandfather, uncle and friend.

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