Bridge and Encite have entered into a strategic partnership to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled solutions in the healthcare technology space

DALLAS, TX, January 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bridge, a leading patient engagement technology vendor and creator of the BridgeInteract software platform, and Encite, a healthcare software solution provider, have entered into a strategic partnership to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled solutions in the healthcare technology space.

An Alliance For Innovation

This partnership solidifies the commitment of both Bridge and Encite to raising the standard of innovation in healthcare technology. The competitive healthcare sector means that providers are under great pressure to offer a better user experience for patients who are increasingly aware of their power as customers and immersed in a convenient, on-demand consumer environment.

With a shared vision for the future of healthcare, the collaboration between Bridge and Encite marks a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of the industry. By uniting their expertise, the partnership aims to enhance patient engagement, streamline clinical workflows, and elevate healthcare delivery to unprecedented levels.

Expanded Functionality And Customization

The combined strengths of Bridge and Encite have been integrated to deliver advanced features that go far beyond the rigid template-based formula that restricts most healthcare software solutions.

The BridgeInteract platform is designed to provide a customizable suite of tools, including user-friendly mobile app/patient portal, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, bill pay/patient financing, telehealth, and much more to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. With this new partnership, the full functionality of BridgeInteract will be made available to all Encite clients.

“Healthcare is constantly evolving, and our collaboration with Encite reflects our shared dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation,” said John Deutsch, CEO at Bridge. “Our goal is to leverage the synergies between Bridge and Encite to introduce functionalities that go beyond the ordinary, creating a seamless and holistic healthcare experience that empowers both providers and patients.”

One of the standout features of this partnership is the heightened level of customization offered via the BridgeInteract patient engagement platform. Recognizing that healthcare providers and patients have unique and diverse needs, the modular and flexible nature of the platform ensures that solutions can be tailored to address these specific requirements effectively.

“Encite prides itself on offering the gold standard in technology for healthcare providers,” said Edward Horner, CEO at Encite. “It’s a competitive industry, and to expand, we need to provide the next-gen features that bring the most value to our clients and not saddle them with bloat or restrictions. Bridge’s expertise in integrations, as well as the BridgeInteract platform’s fantastic flexibility, meant that there was no other choice if we wanted to work with the frontrunners in the industry.”

This flexibility is crucial in the dynamic healthcare landscape, allowing clients to easily scale, adapt, and evolve with the industry’s ever-changing demands.

About Bridge:

Bridge is a pioneering patient engagement technology vendor dedicated to transforming healthcare experiences. With a focus on innovation, the modular BridgeInteract platform offers cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate previously fragmented ecosystems of patient-facing tools, connecting patients and providers through automation, customizability, and usability.

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About Encite:

Encite is a leading healthcare software solution provider committed to revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare services. With a focus on advanced technologies and user experience, Encite empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care while engaging patients on the go via their mobile devices.

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