Clean, Pure Drinking Helps Meet Residents’ Most Critical Need; Partnering with Good360 to Distribute Shipment

MIRAMAR, FL, November 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hurricane Dorian was the most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas and is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country’s history. The damage to the islands was catastrophic, and at least 70,000 people were left homeless.

While the list of items that the Bahamians need is long, clean drinking water is at or near the top. That’s where CLEAR2O®, a manufacturer of high-quality water filtration products, decided it could make a difference. Working together with Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and an organization that is heavily involved in disaster recovery, CLEAR2O® has donated 1000 of its CLEAR2GO® Filter Sport Water Bottles to the Dorian relief effort.

The shipment was sent to Good360, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and received in their warehouse at the end of October. The organization is currently coordinating the logistics of getting the bottles into the hands of Bahamian residents.

Each CLEAR2GO® Filter Sport Water Bottle can filter up to 100 gallons of water (each bottle comes with a replacement filter that will double the capacity). Besides reducing chlorine taste and odor, each bottle removes 99.9% of microbial cysts (cryptosporidium & giardia). The bottles are BPA-free and have a 24-ounce capacity.

Though Hurricane Dorian occurred over two months ago, the need for clean water remains urgent. According to a recent article in, over 200 wells across Grand Bahama Island were flooded with seawater due to the storm surge, making water from the local aquifer unsafe for cooking, drinking and brushing teeth. Without clean water, “waterborne diseases can spread, and wounds can go untreated, risking infection.”

The same article notes that the installation of a new water treatment plant has helped bring clean water to the island. Still, the demand for clean water is so pressing, additional sources, like the CLEAR2GO® bottles, are critical in fulfilling a seemingly endless need.

Keith Bernard, CEO of CLEAR2O®, noted that his company’s contribution is one that he felt compelled to make.

“Clean water is something many of us just take for granted,” he said. “When it isn’t available, you immediately see how vital it is to your everyday well-being. The people of the Bahamas are experiencing that feeling right now.

“We realize that our contribution is not going to solve all of the problems left behind by Dorian. It won’t even solve all the water problems. But it will at least make a dent and given that our whole company is built around delivering clean water, we felt obligated to get involved.”

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