Veterans seeking VA disability may not know how to find the best lawyer to represent them for their VA disability benefits case.

LINCOLN, NE, November 08, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Have you been denied VA disability or are you looking to increase your VA disability rating? Knowing who to call and where to start can be difficult. A common solution is to talk to other Veterans that have already been through this process and ask about their experience with their attorney. If it was a positive experience, check out their website, Facebook page, etc. and give them a call to talk to them. If another Veteran doesn’t give you referral, you can start by looking at online reviews, social media pages, and firm websites, then begin calling the firms to speak with their team members.

Ask the VA disability compensation attorney questions to help you determine which firm is right for your case.

When speaking to the law firm, this is essentially an interview – do you want to hire this firm to fight your case. Like any job interview, you want to make sure you are prepared with questions. Here are some questions we recommend asking during the VA disability benefits claim evaluation:

– How many years of experience do you have? Do you have any case results I can see?
When looking to hire a VA disability attorney, it is important to find a lawyer that has experience working with these types of cases. A veterans disability case is complex and can be very time consuming. More years does not always mean a better attorney, so make sure you look to see what types of case results the attorney has received for past VA disability clients.

– Who will be working on my case? (a lawyer or a paralegal?)
Many lawyers will often meet with you and then leave it to their paralegals to dig in, do the research, submit the needed forms, and then they show up to court. You want to make sure that your attorney will be working your case every step of the way.

– Do you know who I need to see to get evidence for my claim?
Depending on your unique situation, your case may require a medical expert to give you the evidence you need to win your claim. In this situation, you want to make sure that the VA disability law firm you hire has experience in directing you how to get the reports and documentation that you may need. By getting the medical and psychological evaluations you need, an attorney can put together a stronger appeal for your case.

– Where can I see some of your past clients’ testimonials?
If the law firm is promoting their client testimonials on their website or has a lot of google reviews, usually that is a good indicator of past success. A law firm that has no reviews or does not have a testimonials section on their webpage may not have the experience you are needing to win your VA disability case.

– What other areas of law do you practice? Is VA disability your only focus?
When you are looking for a VA disability lawyer, you want to hire an attorney that mostly deals with these types of cases. For example, you wouldn’t want an attorney that does 90% family law and 10% VA disability. Find out from the lawyer what percent of cases he/she takes is VA Disability and what is other practice areas.

– Are you a Certified VA Disability Attorney?
Only attorneys that are certified VA disability lawyers are able to take a VA Disability case. Please make sure to ask your attorney if he/she is certified.

– What types of VA disability claims do you handle? Unemployability? Increased ratings? VA disability denials?
Some VA disability firms only handle specific types of cases. If you are looking for an attorney to help you get increased ratings to increase your disability, 1) make sure he/she handles those cases and 2) make sure he/she has experience and success with the type of case you have.

– Are you local to my area? Do I need a local attorney?
Many people believe that they need an attorney that is close by. The truth is, you can hire a VA disability attorney anywhere in the United States. This is personal preference, as some people would like to have an attorney close by.

– What is your communication style?
Another good question to ask your attorney is about their communication style. Do they prefer phone or email? Will you be receiving weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly updates? How often should you expect to hear from them? This will not only help you set your expectations but if you prefer to talk to someone on the phone and the lawyer prefers to email, this may not be the best fit and you can keep looking.

Berry Law can help you with your VA Disability Claim

Berry Law represents Veterans nationwide and has recovered over 9.27 million in back pay for our clients in 2017 alone. Nine of our lawyers are Veterans, so they understand your situation and will persistently fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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