PhaseOne Health is dedicated to providing new wound care solutions committed to improving the outcomes of all wound care and surgical procedures.

NASHVILLE, TN, November 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — PhaseOne Health is an innovative medical device company focused on providing solutions for the reduction of the infections and microbial risks associated with surgical procedures and the treatment of wounds.

Jeffrey Nugent, PhaseOne Health President and CEO, has said, “I’m extremely confident that PhaseOne Skin and Wound Cleanser is providing superior advantages in the protection of microbial infections. Our team of medical and scientific advisors are among the most credible and experienced in this area and are aligned behind the independent data supporting our claims.”

Mr. Nugent has a broad background in medical and health-related businesses. His 25 years at Johnson & Johnson have included leadership responsibilities across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and consumer segments, including Vice President of Worldwide Quality and the acquisition and leadership of Neutrogena. He has served as chairman, director, president, and CEO of several established and entrepreneurial companies across a broad spectrum of both professional and consumer healthcare.

The challenges of combatting infections are among the most important we all face. The advantages of PhaseOne are based on the unique delivery of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). These include:
1. Highest available content of HOCl
2. High stability and purity maintained by our unique UV light-blocking bottle
3. Fast-acting anti-microbial that rapidly penetrates biofilm.

Jack Fisher, MD, PhaseOne Health Medical Director, and highly regarded plastic surgeon, has been focused on the understanding and development of PhaseOne for some time. Dr Fisher added, “We are committed to improving the standard of care and the outcomes of all wound care and surgery procedures.”

PhaseOne Health was established in 2019 with the mission of providing the leading solutions for reducing the microbial risks associated with surgical procedures and the treatment of wounds. That’s why we manufacture our HOCl via a proprietary chemical manufacturing process. It’s also why we use UV resistant amber glass to assure the purity and stability of our product for maximum available HOCl when used. The team at PhaseOne Health cares about getting it right. It’s why we go the extra mile to make sure that PhaseOne is the best.

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