David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction. His works address important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to accomplish that goal.

WILMINGTON, NC, June 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — During the 1980 Presidential campaign Ronald Reagan used a slogan that resonated deeply with American voters – “Let’s Make America Great Again”. That slogan became “Make America Great Again” and was used by President Trump in his bid for the presidency. Why use a slogan that had already been used?

Because that’s what Americans want.

While there is a good deal of controversy in regards to what “great” means, it is this idea that ultimately brings all Americans together. Regardless of how one feels about immigration, border safety, globalization, Planned Parenthood or any of the other issues that divide groups of people, everyone wants to see America maintain its position of leader of the free world.

Author David Michael Palladino provides a vision of America in his works of fiction that, while based on historical events, also lay out a rock solid platform of American ideals and values.

“We must first ensure the safety of the nation,” Palladino stated, “The US Border Patrol, the US Military, and all of our nation’s police must get the full support of our government. The partisan divisions must be wiped away we must come together under one banner. We have to drain the swamp and if the swamp is truly drained we will be able to trust those who occupy the United States Government. We must have eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts that feel what is truth and what are lies; what is pure and what is corrupt; and what is right and what is wrong.”

“If all of these things happen, America will become truly great again.”

Palladino writes inspirational fiction. He teaches, through those works of fiction, important ideals and values. As a former U.S. Army Ranger, former High School Phys-Ed & Health Teacher and Coach, and founder of “Palladino Martial Arts”, he understands the significance of instilling these all-important ideals and values in people. ‘Quest for Freedom’ helps communicate freedom’s true meaning to a broad audience. For this reason it will appeal to parents, grandparents and educators and those who are old enough to remember what America used to be. Palladino deftly paints a picture of America as she really was during the Cold War. He shows us clearly why American freedom and American values held such appeal for many oppressed people in other parts of the world.

‘Adriana Corderu – Quest for Freedom’ is the first book in the series. During the first Cold War the world revolved around the conflict between the theologies of communism and democracy. The two main protagonists in this conflict were the United States in the West, and the Soviet Union in the East. As Eastern Bloc leaders began to tighten restrictions in the lives of their people, commensurate with their increase in power, there began to emerge, in the East, a group of young people, hard and idealistic, adventurous and courageous. These would become the heroes of the movement of their time. These were the brave young souls who, with inspiration from President Reagan, began to break down the Iron Curtain. The escape from Soviet Communism and the quest for freedom is the theme of ‘Quest for Freedom’. Set in the Cold War era, the book is the engaging story of Adriana Corderu and her quest to obtain freedom by escaping the Iron Curtain.

‘Adriana Corderu – Western Odyssey’ continues where the first book in the series left off. In the second book, readers will come to know a whole new cast of characters as Adriana continues her journey as she experiences the refugee camps of Italy and comes to know Italian culture with a new family even while under the yoke of the Romanian Securitate, which is still trying to abduct her and bring her back to Eastern Europe. Readers will go with her into the cauldron that was New York City where the only safe place to be was where the Italian Cosa Nostra ruled and will then experience the wonder of the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the rugged big-hearted people who live there.

Adriana experiences heartbreaking loss and the wonders of new love. Readers can learn with her as she remembers her sister’s revelations about America’s regular military, to include units like the 82nd Airborne Division, the 1st Cavalry Division, and the 101st Air Cavalry Screaming Eagles. Readers can then witness the heat of her emotions when she, for the first time comes into contact with men of the US Army Ranger Battalions. Adriana comes to know these hard men and learns from them of the dramatic differences and contrasts between the US regular military and the units of the US Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command. Readers will be fascinated with units such as the Army Rangers and Green Berets, the Navy SEALS, and other units that make up the US Special Operations Division to include units from the Air Force and Marines. Readers will learn what really happened during Operation Urgent Fury on the island of Grenada in October, 1983 and of the US Military of the “Reagan Era.” The story of Adriana’s Western Odyssey will not only entertain, but will also educate and uplift.

‘Quest for Freedom’ has received rave reviews. One reviewer stated, “More native born Americans need to know this story and more importantly appreciate our country as she did.” Another said, “The readers become engrossed immediately in Palladino’s dynamic effervescent style.”

David Palladino is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. ‘Adriana Corderu, Quest for Freedom’ is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Rosedog Books. More information, including samples of the book, is available at Palladino’s website at http://www.inspirationalbookauthor.com.

David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction. His background helps him in crafting messages that resonate with readers of all ages and teaches important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to help instill these values.

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