Is mobile technology an addiction?

CONROE, TX, November 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — As it turns out, smartphones can ruin relationships when their usage gets out of control. If you’re addicted to your device, what can you do about it?

Studies have shown that a common distraction in relationships is technology, specifically our cell phones. While phones provide a way to stay in touch with your partner when you are not together, they create issues when it comes to real-life interactions. Show your partner they are more of a priority than your device by following these steps.

Recognize Your Partner’s Feelings
If your partner confesses their feelings about your technology usage, do your best to listen to them. Your partner should return the favor to you as well. Far too often, we are not even conscious of how much time we spend on our devices. Reminding your significant other what they are missing out on by being on their phone so frequently can help them see what is really important.

Set Aside Electronic-Free Time
Dedicate time away from your phone and other devices to spend with your partner. This is the perfect opportunity to have a deep conversation or work on building a meaningful connection. Do not be surprised if this time ends up going longer than you expect. Taking a break from your phone and bonding with the one you love can be extremely rewarding.

Realize You Don’t Have To Document Everything
It can be tempting to Snapchat or Instagram your entire date, but it is important to be in the moment instead of living through your phone. Social media leads many people to seek instant gratification rather than experiencing real satisfaction with their partner. Let go of worrying about how many likes your picture could get and understand it is best to keep some special moments private.

Agree on Valid Usage
Technology has become an unavoidable and necessary part of life. Acknowledging the benefits phones offer and their importance in our lives is a key component in relationships. From there, agree with your partner on an appropriate amount of time to spend on your device. Set clear expectations in order to minimize interferences into your relationship and ensure your partner is feeling included.

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