LocDown Miami specializes in fabulous big hair for special occasions and the everyday woman looking to transform her lifestyle while wearing her hair as a work of art. LocDown supplies high end, in-demand 100% virgin human hair from around the world

MIAMI, FL, August 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dramatic length hair lovers stand by! – floor length, Celeb-inspired tresses are all the rave, thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minaj not afraid to sport 30 and 40″ inch extensions that almost reach the ground! Careful! Don’t trip over the fact that Rapunzel style hair weaves are becoming “a thing”, and the purpose is no longer to find hair that blends but that emphasize the channel of inner to outer beauty and art venturing away from reality.

LocDown Miami, a hip, new South Florida-based hair extensions brand, today announced the launch of its line of 100% all-natural, premium hair extensions which will be sold at their online boutique and at special events locally. LocDown Miami not only provides high-end products, typically ranging from $150 to $300, but also offers a lifestyle and makeover opportunity for women wanting Celeb-inspired hair that is price accessible to everyday women who don’t mind investing in self to enhance their beauty and getting the attention they deserve as they turn heads.

The niche of the company’s targeted featured products is what makes the company bizarre and set apart from competitors in a multi-billion dollar industry–simply stocking the lengthiest and trendiest extensions and clip ins that you can’t easily find anywhere else since most places stock up to 24 inches. Clients will expect to pay more for length of product but realize the price is a steal compared to what the rich and famous shell out. The hair extensions are an ideal solution for obtaining any desired look where length and volume are needed.

The Black haircare industry alone is grossly underestimated with Market research firm Mintel estimating the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017. LocDown Miami carries hair for all hair types with the notion that any woman can be gorgeous from straight to curly kinky! Mintel also reports “Nearly six out of 10 Black consumers wear a wig, weave or extensions, which enables them to switch up their look.” Wigs and weaves survive Black hair culture because hair versatility is in high demand. Many Black women change their hairstyles frequently, no matter the texture because purchased hair allows for diversification and can give one’s real hair a break from manipulation mitigating damage and breakage (protective styling is in high demand).

According to a poll conducted by online hair and beauty expert Hairtrade.com, 38 percent of women (approx. 59 million) use hair extensions as part of their beauty routine (87 percent of them keep it a secret from their friends and family. African American women comprise the majority of hair extension users with 70% which leaving 30% for Caucasian, Latino, and other ethnicities. There exists an untapped market of 30% or 17 million consumers who LocDown Miami is setting their sights on.

Based on extensive hair industry research on trends, LocDown Miami is featuring some collections in high demand–Brazilian Body Wave. It is a versatile pattern that can easily be straightened or curled, cut or colored and overs a very sexy look. Brazilian Silk Straight offering so many ways to cut and style–straight hair never goes out of style! Brazilian Kinky-Curly hair extensions offer beautiful tight coil pattern that is great for a woman wanting a more natural look and many women are using this and Afro Kinky hair for protective styling flexibility so this is becoming high demand. The other focus for LocDown is emphases on color and the Art of hair in addition to length. Boosted by the by unrivaled trends for ombre and blonde hair, celebrities from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian are regularly seen intense colors. The vision through the eye of the company can be experience through the company’s visually focused social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

About LocDown Miami
out LocDown MiamiFounded in July 2017, LocDown Miami is a premium hair extensions company based in Miami, Florida with web presence. It sources its hair from vetted manufactures located all across the globe. All hair is 7A grade, all-natural Remy hair.

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