Are you or a loved one suffering from serious addiction or any physical disability? You probably can’t bear to see them suffer anymore. What you need is a rehabilitation center to restore parity to the individual’s life.


Most people hate the idea of visiting a rehab center, that is quite understandable .the road to recovery is a tough one most people aren’t prepared to embark on. Understanding that you have a problem which requires a solution is a big step towards changing your life.

Addiction is a big problem among the youth this day, with most of them taking to abusing substance like heroin, opiate, and marijuana. The figures are on the rise, resulting to increase criminal and death rates.

Managing Addiction can be a terrible experience for the individual, as their decisions are most times made under the influence of this chemical substance. They slowly isolate themselves from family, friends and the world in general. If not properly managed, it may result in death or mental disorder as a result of long-term consumption. Deaths among addicts have resulted from them taking an overdose, which happens during their days in isolation.

Nothing hurts more than losing a loved one, to prevent the situation from escalating further, you are poised with the task of finding a solution. This is where a rehab center comes in.

Rehab center centers are created for this purpose, these centers specialize in treating people suffering from cases ranging from addiction, physical and mental disorder among a host of a rehab center, patients are properly taken care of, they learn life coping skills which help them overcome dependency on drugs and other chemical substance. These programs may be outpatient or residential depending on an individual’s choice and state of health.


Are you in the United States or Columbus to be precise? You probably want to enroll into a rehab center to put an end to this menace. Enrolling in a rehab program isn’t the problem, making the right choice which will have an everlasting effect is. Most people fall into the trap of making wrong choices when it comes to a rehab center, as a result worsening their condition.

We don’t want you to fall into this category, that is why we have made a list of rehab centers in columbus ohio that will leave your life fully transformed.


House of hope is an alcohol and drug rehab center located in Columbus Ohio. Just like its name implies, it gives hope to individuals suffering from mind to chronic alcohol problems.

House of hope creates a clean and friendly environment with the aim of transforming women suffering from substance abuse into useful members who add value to their life and the society at large.

This facility gives the individual a new sense of hope in getting their life back on track, the list of programs in their services include individual counseling, anger management, grief and loss, and relapse prevention. They embrace a 12 step philosophy recovery program.


This is a sub unit of Ohio state medical center. This is a highly specialized unit for physical rehabilitation .there physicians are experts in their various fields which ranges from physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and many more. Their programs are mainly inpatient oriented.


The woods at Parkside treat drugs and substance abuse as well as concurrent mental health disorder. The OMHAS (Ohio department of mental health and addiction services) and TJC (The Joint Commission) are the accredited centers for treatment.

The facility is located in a quiet and serene neighborhood, clients are offered unique care, with transport and accommodation are taken care of in a bid to reduce their stress.

The new improvement is always in place to give clients unique experience, one they won’t get somewhere else. The facility offers detoxification and buprenorphine service. They provide outpatient to short-term inpatient rehab is a nonprofit rehab center.


This facility provides treatments to people struggling with addiction issues and mental disorder. Their main goal is to deliver quality programs which will have a long-lasting effect on participating individuals. Their area of specialization includes anxiety, behavioral issues, and substance abuse.

Disorders treated are an addiction, alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, depression, stress, and self-esteem.