Take Cable Management To A New Level

MANASSAS, VA, June 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — AXXUME LLC developed a new cable management box that will take your cable management to a new level. With a built-in wall mountable surge protector, the Pluggable Cable Management Box was engineered to be plugged into a standard wall outlet without drilling holes.

Founder Xung Ngo came up with the idea when he was renovating his home office. With two babies, it was important to tidy up the cables and adapters that were on the floor. He and his wife started shopping for a cable management box and a surge protector for the box. All they found were the typical boxes that sit on the floor. Furthermore, the surge protector doubled the cost and added one more cable to deal with. That became their “AHA! moment”.

The Pluggable Cable Management Box was engineered to easily mount onto a wall with only a single screwdriver. Just plug it into a standard American (Type B) wall outlet and tighten the included 2-inch screw. The ETL certified surge protector with an excellent protection rating of 1080 Joules will turn on.

The Pluggable Cable Management Box was designed to look cool and stay cool. Ventilation holes fill the back of the box with a stylish herringbone pattern. There are large cable holes in all sides of the box. The cover consists of a transparent lightning bolt with 4 different colors to choose from; black, blue, red, and green.

The box also has plenty of space to contain up to six cables/adapters. It is large enough to hold a couple of those big laptop adapters.

Cable management is about being neat and safe. Ngo concluded: “The Pluggable Cable Management Box went beyond that and made it stylish, space efficient, and easy to use. Ultimately, the total cost ($22 at kickstarter!) will be cheaper than the competition. This is the best way to organize home office cables.”


About AXXUME – Pluggable Cable Management Box

A stylish cable management box with built-in surge protection engineered to be wall mountable without drilling holes. This will help consumers to save space, time, and money.

Xung Ngo

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