Today we are going to review a well-anticipated software called Neo2 or Neo Squared Auto trading app. We got the privilege to get a sneak peek to this exotic binary options auto trader, and we are here to introduce you our scam review. The most interesting thing about NEO2 Scam is that the algorithm relies on a weather prediction mechanism. We’ve never heard something like this before, it’s so unique and sound cool, you must admit.


As soon as we’ve to the email with the link to NEO2 software, we jumped right in to check it. We’ve been waiting for NEO Squared to go live for months now. As we stated above, it is a well-anticipated software. Before we’re going through by checking scam signs, we must tell you this. NEO2 / NEO Squared it a 100% LEGIT software! Finally, we found another legitimate auto trader to trade binary options with. Soon you’re going to figure out why NEO2 software / NEO Squared is a game and life changer. The NEO2 software is all you have to have in today’s binary options industry. Let us jump right into our NEO Squared scam review.

NEO2 software / NEO Squared is a binary options auto trader created by Dr. Jack Piers, Ph.D. Dr. Piers is the CEO and founder of NEO2 software. We are familiar with Dr. Piers work in the weather industry and know that he’s very accurate with his forecasts. If you think about it for a second, binary options and weather are amazingly similar. When you sign up to binary options signal services, you’re signing up to a forecast service. The signal provides forecasting to which direction the traded asset will go to. Same thing with the weather. The weathermen you see every night on TV are just like signal providers. They are telling you tomorrow’s weather signal based on their analysis. That’s the main reason we think that NEO2 software / NEO Squared is a genius auto trader and the team behind it also.  Dr. Piers is also well-known for his abilities to forecast the direct impact of weather changes on the world economy. Combine his amazing skills with a trading algorithm and you’re getting the most powerful tool in the market today.

The founders of neo2 had announced a success rate of whopping 86%. We were amazed as well as a bit sceptical of this figure. But while using the app, we achieved high returns on 82% of all our investments. Given the tall claims by most these investment agencies and specially those trading in binary options, a margin of error of 3% is quite impressive and left us all speechless.

There are numerous companies out there offering Binary Options Trading, so the question to ask here really is how is Neo2 auto trading app different from the others. Well, for starters, Neo2 isn’t an elaborate scam like most other binary trading systems are. Just one look at the binary trading option services, and you can make an educated guess whether it’s a fraud or a genuine trading site and our verdict is that that it couldn’t really get more genuine than this. It is easy to use, fun to work with and gives mind boggling returns! What more could you possibly want?