Japplis introduces a new desktop application that aims to speed up the selection of the best images when generating a lot of AI images.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, December 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a world where it’s getting easier and easier to generate images using AI such as Stable Diffusion, people will spend more and more time selecting the best images. When looking at AI generated images on Internet or in the news, you see good looking images. But what it doesn’t show are the many other generated images that were not totally correct. Between wanting an image and getting the image you want, more and more time will be spent in selecting the correct image of all the created images.

That’s where Japplis intents to help you move faster. It has just released a new application named Directory Crop to select the best images of a directory for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

AI generated images can be categorized in 3 categories: correct, partially correct and incorrect. The user wants to keep the correct ones, keep if possible the correct part of the partially correct ones and delete the incorrect images.

Directory Crop allows you to do that in a minimal time.
• For the correct ones, you can use the mouse wheel to move the next image.
• For the partially correct images, you can click and drag the mouse to select the region you’d like to keep. It will show you guidelines while moving the mouse to help you select the region. Once selected, by default it will automtically save it and move to the next image in the directory.
• For incorrect image, a right click of the mouse will remove the file and move to the next image in the directory.

Directory Crop can be freely installed on your computer and has a free plan to unlimited files navigation and deletion. The only limitation of the free plan is a limit of 100 crops per month and some extra configuration settings.

Japplis is a company created in 2008 by Anthony Goubard in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Japplis is specialized in the development of desktop applications such as a file manager, a multilingual dictionary and many developer utilities.

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