CertaPet Approves the Push to Further Legitimizes Emotional Support Animals

LEAGUE CITY, TX, October 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, CertaPet.com, a platform that connects individuals suffering from mental health illnesses to Licensed Mental Health Professionals, provided its support for the recent ESA policy change at Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

Both airlines have joined others in changing their policy concerning Emotional Support Animals. After a growing number of ESA related issues on aircrafts, Spirit and Frontier are taking a stand to define what is an acceptable ESA on their flights and what they need in order to fly.

Believing in the power Emotional Support Animals bring to their owners that suffer from mental health disabilities, CertaPet recognizes that this change of policy for each is a step in the right direction.

Prairie Conlon, the Clinical Manager at CertaPet stated, “We want to congratulate Frontier and Spirit Airlines on the release of their new Emotional Support Animal requirements. We are keenly aware of the misuse of emotional support animal letters and how they are impacting airlines, treating clinicians, and most importantly, individuals who utilize ESA’s as a form of treatment for mental health disabilities.”

After encountering many ESA related issues, several airlines have changed their policies to best accommodate all travelers.

Some of the biggest changes that will take effect for travel on Frontier Airlines beginning November 1, 2018, are:

1. The ESA must be either a dog or a cat.
2. Advanced notice 48-hours prior to departure is required.
3. Each customer may bring only one ESA on the flight.
4. The ESA must be in a carrier that can be stowed under the seat in front of the customer or on a leash at all times while in the airport and onboard the aircraft.

“At CertaPet, we work to provide a channel for licensed and credentialed clinicians who are specially trained in animal-assisted interventions and telehealth services to link up with individuals seeking this specialized treatment. We provide in-depth processes to ensure that only those who need ESA letters, receive ESA letters.” – Conlon

Some of the biggest changes that will take effect for travel on Spirit Airlines beginning October 15th, 2018, will be three forms that travelers must submit 48 hours in advance.

The forms include:

1. A letter from a licensed mental health professional treating the passenger for a mental health-related disability
2. A certification from a licensed veterinarian that verifies that the animal is healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations, and is well-behaved
3. A liability form that states, among other things, that the passenger takes full responsibility for “the safety, well-being, and conduct of this animal, including the animal’s interactions with other animals and/or individuals.”

Clinical Manager, Prairie Colon urges, “We encourage all airlines to carefully examine the materials provided. Educational materials can be provided and we look to collaborate with airlines on these processes moving forward so that a smooth trip is ensured for both the passenger and the airline.”

With the primary goal of connecting those in need of an Emotional Support Animal with a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Certapet strongly believes that having an ESA is beneficial, valuable, and can foster an overall positive change in a person’s mental health. From depression to PTSD to anxiety and more, Emotional Support Animals assist their owners in managing their mental or emotional condition and can potentially reduce the symptoms these individuals experience. CertaPet helps individuals who have a disabling condition or mental health diagnosis connect with a Licensed Mental Health Professional who provides an evaluation and treatment for the individual through a secure online platform.

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