Berlin Sake Startup and Chocolate Sommelier combine expertise

BERLIN, GERMNAY, November 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Go-Sake and Chocolate Vision present their latest joint creation, the sake chocolate. A pleasure for the senses that appeals to chocolate and sake lovers alike and offers a completely new taste experience.

The sake chocolate combines Japanese & German craftsmanship in the form of award-winning hand-made Go-Sake from the Arimitsu Brewery, founded in 1903 in Kochi, Japan, paired with the highest quality chocolate along with the passion and expertise of Chocolate Vision. The unique aroma of the sake merges seamlessly with the velvety chocolate. This product offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover the variety of flavors of sake while enjoying the joy of first-class chocolate.

“Chocolate and sake work extremely well together because they offer a fascinating balance between sweet and bitter flavors. The delicate, rich nuances of chocolate uniquely complement the subtle, complex flavor profiles of sake. This makes it all the more difficult to find the right balance with the right chocolate,” says Kevin Lühmann, certified chocolate sommelier, chocolate tester and founder of Chocolate Vision.

“This combination creates a pleasure experience in which the flavors complement and enhance each other rather than overlapping one another. It is this harmony between sweet chocolate and the characteristic taste of sake that makes the combination so appealing and interesting, adds Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO and Co-Founder of Go-Sake.

The sake chocolate is available from today in selected delicatessens and online at and also at from November 15th. Immerse yourself in the world of sake and chocolate art and experience a taste experience that you have never experienced before.

About Go-Sake:

Go-Sake was founded in Berlin to promote Japanese sake culture. Go-Sake offers premium sake from small sake breweries and supports these breweries in introducing their handcrafted sake to new target groups. Go-Sake represents a new, modern way of sake consumption with contemporary packaging and knowledge-sharing through tastings, lectures, workshops, and training. Recently, Go-Sake was included in the list of the best craft sake by MEINIGERS WEINWELT and awarded Gold as the best Japanese entry at the 2023 Frankfurt International Wine Trophy. Learn more at and on Instagram: gosakecom.

About Chocolate Vision:

Chocolate Vision was founded in 2020. Founder Kevin Lühmann is a pastry chef, food technologist, certified chocolate taster, and chocolate sommelier from Hannover. In addition to the artisanal production of chocolate (“from Bean to Bar”), a significant focus for him is the Japanese chocolate market. He regularly travels to Japan to explore new trends, participate in tastings, and discover new products. Besides gift sets featuring Japanese spirits paired with matching chocolates, the product range continues to expand. Learn more at and on Instagram: luehmann_chocolatesommelier.

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