Robust employee wellness program resources help improve employee usage of benefit plans

BOSTON, MA, July 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Flimp Communications, a leading provider of employee benefits communication and decision-support solutions, today announced the release of an all-new Employee Wellness Toolkit for corporate HR, benefits and wellness managers. The new toolkit provides actionable resources, communication ideas and content templates that will help drive more usage of employer-sponsored wellness programs and health benefits.

The Employee Wellness Toolkit is a free downloadable resource that includes:
A framework that helps HR and benefits leaders build effective wellness programs with actionable resources
• 20+ wellness program ideas that can be implemented today
• Creative promotion strategies to get the word out about wellness programs
• Guidelines for measurement metrics that ensure your programs his the mark with employees
• Real-world examples of successful wellness initiatives to emulate or inspire ideas
• Worksheets to share with employees including a free 30-day wellness challenge, a habit tracker, and more.

“Getting employees to actually use employer-sponsored health and wellness programs and benefits continues to be a challenge for many employers,” said Wayne Wall, CEO and founder of Flimp Communications. “At Flimp, we’re developing better ways to help employers communicate and educate employees and their dependents about the different health and wellness programs available to them, many of which are offered at no cost, yet, have very low utilization rates.”

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Workplace Wellness and Financial Education Programs: 2022 Survey Results, stress was cited by 65% of respondents as a top health issue impacting workforce productivity. Employers have responded to these new concerns by offering a variety of wellness benefits, such as employee assistance programs (90%), mental health coverage (86%), substance-use-disorder benefits (67%), mental health mobile apps (41%), and educational/informational sessions hosted at the workplace (40%). The study also found, in the past two years, an overwhelming 73% of responding organizations increased communication around mental and behavioral health offerings.

Employee wellness programs are built to help employees live healthier lives, lower healthcare costs and improve overall well-being. If utilized, they can dramatically reduce absenteeism and improve workforce productivity, which can have a very positive impact on the bottom line. Harvard researchers found that, for every dollar spent on wellness programs, employers save $3.27 on medical costs and $2.73 on absenteeism costs. Hence, the importance of driving better utilization of these programs.

Flimp’s full suite of tech-enabled benefit-communication solutions help solve the employee-engagement and -usage problem. We offer time-strapped HR teams all they need from decision support to Employee Resource Centers, Digital Postcards, videos, benefits guides, texting capabilities, and more. Learn more about Flimp’s products here or schedule a meeting with a member of our team here.

About Flimp Communication
Flimp Communications is a leading provider of employee benefits communication and decision-support solutions for employers, consultants, enrollers and insurance providers. Our dynamic, SaaS-based platform offers an array of technology-driven services designed to engage, educate and empower employees, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding employer-sponsored healthcare, wellness programs, insurance benefits and financial well-being. Flimp serves more than 1,000 corporate clients across nearly every industry, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

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