Breaking the Stigma Around Sexual Health and Aging Will Lead to Better Care and Positive Outcome for Women and Men in Their 40s 50s and 60s+. By Appointing Wellness Expert, Tammy-Lynn McNabb as CEO, the Company Will See Exponential Growth.

VANCOUVER, BC, November 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kama Health is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent with Tammy-Lynn McNabb, RHP of Health Wellness & Lifestyle T.V., and women’s wellness company MenoFemme. “MenoFemme represents a perfect match to Kama’s existing business model, which provides products and services to Canadian men experiencing erectile dysfunction and health related challenges due to aging. MenoFemme is a complimentary company that provides options to women during their perimenopause and menopause journey. “The combination of the two entities will position us as North America’s leading sexual wellness organization strictly focusing on sexual health for women and men 40+,” says Dr. Donna Trinidad Breva, O.D. – Director at Kama Health.

Sexual health and discussions around sex for men and women 40+ has always been a bit of a taboo topic, especially when it incorporates issues many may have at this age, including erectile dysfunction and complications due to menopause. “I’ve been involved in media for the last ten years on my show, Health Wellness & Lifestyle T.V., and I can tell you that talking about a malfunctioning penis or a dry vagina isn’t a topic many feel comfortable engaging in. My job at Kama Health will be to break the stigma so that women and men not only feel comfortable about having conversations with their doctors for treatment but also with their partners who are often in the dark with what they are going through,” says Tammy-Lynn McNabb, RHP – CEO, Kama Health. “Somehow, individuals feel as though they are broken, and the shame translates into a sexless relationship for many. My focus and my team’s goal is to give individuals the tools and information they need to understand their aging bodies, embrace the change and have access to resources to help them get back to feeling themselves again. Equally as important is making prescription options affordable for all,” she adds.

When talking about menopause, Tammy-Lynn is very open to having a candid conversation. “Oh, menopause has been a 10-year journey for me, starting with perimenopause and raging hormones. I felt awful and didn’t understand what menopause was and that I could even be going through it. My doctors did their best to help me along the way, but menopause sometimes requires a lot of trial-and-error treatments and advocating for yourself. It can be hard on a relationship when sex is uncomfortable as your body slowly decreases the production of estrogen. Fluctuating hormones have an emotional, physical and mental impact on many women,” adds McNabb.

Menopause, andropause, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance, vaginal atrophy, low sex drive and complications in relationships are more than physical fallouts for men and women as they age. Hormone changes, without being checked, can lead to severe depression for many. For men, erectile dysfunction could be an early sign of underlying heart disease or diabetes. For women, unchecked hormones can lead to osteoporosis and vaginal atrophy. “No one likes to get older, but aging sexuality is more than vanity. For many people who lead an active sexual lifestyle, this change is not only confusing but often devastating,” says Tammy-Lynn.

Our healthcare system is failing mature women and men. Lack of proper primary care leaves patients feeling frequently unheard, dismissed, and overlooked. Men and women 40+ are often left to navigate complex challenges associated with andropause and menopause on their own. McNabb adds, “We hope to eliminate the red tape and get answers and options for our patients faster and at a more affordable price point. We should be celebrating our age! Parenting is often behind us and being 50 is like being 30 again. We should be enjoying our bodies and the feeling of being sexually liberated. Kama Health wants to be the company that gives you back the ability to enjoy your body again without the challenges aging can bring!”

ABOUT KAMA HEALTH – Kama is a company focused on providing men and women with affordable options for menopause, erectile dysfunction, prostate treatments, and overall sexual health as they age. Kama is led by a group of business professionals, doctors, pharmacists and wellness experts wanting to destigmatize aging with services and treatments that won’t break the bank. It’s also a platform of education resources for consumers so that they are equipped with up-to-date information and options needed for those 40+. Kama aims to be a one-stop shop for anything relating to sexuality for those 40+. Knowledge is power, and if a person is prepared for what their body will and is going through as they age, they can mitigate the potential fallout. Kama wants to bridge the gap amongst and within the sexes as they age and normalize conversations around erectile dysfunction, menopause and sex as they get older.

ABOUT TAMMY-LYNN MCNABB/MENOFEMME – Tammy-Lynn McNabb, RHNP, has been a maven in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. She started her career as a successful international business manufacturer producing a line of Low Carbohydrate, Keto products that sold in stores across Canada & the US. She also founded a chain of Canadian Low-Carb Wellness Centres which was sold to a US company in 2006. Tammy-Lynn has brought her passion for Health and Wellness to TV as the Producer and Host of a national TV show called Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV, currently in its 10th year. She most recently was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Host in a Reality & Lifestyle Series. As a woman in her 50s, McNabb began MenoFemme to assist women in their own menopause journey with information and products to ease the fallout of what menopause often brings. Her goal has been to break the silence and stigma around menopause and normalize conversation and barriers women in menopause often face.

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