Democratic Woke and Weak Policies Have Encouraged Attacks on Israel

LAS VEGAS, NV, October 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Republican United States Senate candidate, Stephanie Phillips condemned the Iranian sponsored terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, and said that the United States must stand with Israel until the terrorists are totally defeated and exterminated.

Phillips said the recent $6 billion dollars released to Iran by the Biden Administration, along with the woke and weak policies of the Biden Administration, encouraged and funded the Hamas attack that has resulted in over 800 Israeli deaths and 9 dead Americans. Iran’s open acknowledgement that they ‘will decide how it will spend the $6B dollars’ shows complete disregard and lack of accountability when using those funds to sponsor terrorist attacks, and further their nuclear weapons program.

“Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. The terrorist attack on Israel must be condemned and we must do everything possible to provide Israel with military weapons and support it needs to repel the Hamas attack until Hamas is defeated once and for all,” said Stephanie Phillips.

“My heart grieves for the parents of service members of the Israeli Defense Forces who lost sons and daughters,” continued Phillips. “As a mother of a child who serves in the military, I offer my prayers of support to the parents of sons and daughters combating these evil terrorists who have no regard for life.”

“In the United States Senate, I will not just give lip service to being a friend of Israel, I will be an active and unwavering friend”, concluded Phillips.

Stephanie was born on the east coast and grew up on the west coast. She lived in a small southern Oregon town out in the country. Her family grew pretty much everything they ate. They canned vegetables and fruit from their garden and orchard in the summers that lasted all year long. They traveled a small dirt road for two miles to get to their house and had only four neighbors. Growing up in a small town has its benefits, but when Stephanie was beginning 7th grade her family moved to the Bay Area in California. There she learned about city life. She graduated high school at 17, and headed south to Santa Barbara for college. Once in college Stephanie had a part time job working for a real estate developer who bought land in Las Vegas for which they planned for homes to be built. Stephanie volunteered to go to Las Vegas for six months once she graduated to manage the office and assist in preparing this land for development.

Once in Las Vegas, Stephanie learned extensively about real estate and loved it. She ended up staying, obtained her real estate license at 25, and a few years later she earned her broker’s license. At the age of 32, while raising two small children, she opened her own brokerage; Cambridge Realty. Thirty+ years in this city has gone by so quickly. She has watched Las Vegas expand and has raised her family here. Her children are now grown and she finds herself in a place where she can focus all her efforts on serving the People of Nevada.

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